Trashed Vampires


A Gathering

Notes largely created by Ravenlight

Tsura: Stripped up a storm, hot dyke action (blood bonded lvl 2 on her thrall Anna), waylaid by a stake-wielder in a limo.

Bill: poor conversation decisions, hid in garbage, staked by a superior garbage-hider

Beatrix: left “call me” note on Blood‘s forehead, interrogated by cop outside club, took Dethkart to the Grimm’s Golf Shop, Xena staked while killing a homeless guy.

Cuban: shirked doctorly duties, got hit in the head by House, M.D., fought a vampire in the hospital bathroom, but was ultimately defeated

Raven: re-rearranged Xena’s fridge, called Xena, broke Xena’s door, took no heed of traffic, utilized Obfuscate effectively to sneak in/out of the club, drained 1 policedude, put the door back in place

All but ravenlight were taken to a theater and told that they can hunt Ravenlight down to earn their neonate status.
-Prince Andrew in a Can



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