Trashed Vampires

A Gathering

Notes largely created by Ravenlight

Tsura: Stripped up a storm, hot dyke action (blood bonded lvl 2 on her thrall Anna), waylaid by a stake-wielder in a limo.

Bill: poor conversation decisions, hid in garbage, staked by a superior garbage-hider

Beatrix: left “call me” note on Blood‘s forehead, interrogated by cop outside club, took Dethkart to the Grimm’s Golf Shop, Xena staked while killing a homeless guy.

Cuban: shirked doctorly duties, got hit in the head by House, M.D., fought a vampire in the hospital bathroom, but was ultimately defeated

Raven: re-rearranged Xena’s fridge, called Xena, broke Xena’s door, took no heed of traffic, utilized Obfuscate effectively to sneak in/out of the club, drained 1 policedude, put the door back in place

All but ravenlight were taken to a theater and told that they can hunt Ravenlight down to earn their neonate status.
-Prince Andrew in a Can

Chaos in Asylum

Big brawl at the Asylum with Blood maiming or killing most the security staff. Blood escaped with Beatrix in the Dethkart and Beatrix was shot by a police sniper. Tsura, Raver, El Pajaro all escaped. Bill stole weapons from the police sniper.

DON’T FORGET ABOUT THE DJ! <— Note from Ravenlight

Da Club

Bill Pedovan bought a heavy revolver.

[:xena| Beatrix]] has a death cart and is influential at a gothic bar called Asylum. Also, she is a horror movie actress that started in porn.

another girl is a better pick for the horror movie Beatrix wants to be in.

Tsura, Blood, Beatrix, and Bill Pedovan are all in the club Asylum. Blood attempted to tear two of the bouncers apart and left their bodies outside, one of them missing an arm and the other torn partially in half vertically.

Tsura is upstairs in the VIP section, Bill Pedovan is at the bar, Blood has dominated the dj to “spin” and is holding the women’s bathroom door shut, and Beatrix is going to talk to Blood about the girl picked for the movie roll.

It Begins

Big brawl at lumberyard started by Tsura

Bill Pedovan bought a shitty apartment nearby

El Pajaro Quema ran off into the night

Tsura ran off into the night

Blood totally fucked up a fence and ran off into the night

Tsura created a thrall: Anna

Session Notes
The Short Answer

Here is where the session notes for each game session will be kept. Most of the notes are short bullet point lists, just to keep a brief record of each session’s happenings.


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