Trashed Vampires, a Vampire: The Masquerade campaign being conducted via the internet chat program Mumble most Fridays at 8:00pm PST.

The campaign began as an experiment to see if pen and paper roleplaying could be done via voice chat and no visual element. As such, the first few sessions were played with no prior world building or NPC generation by the Storyteller and the players were given no direction. The Storyteller created content on the fly to test the process. The method proved viable and over the next few game sessions, the players were gradually pulled together into a group and tied into a plot.

The game is played with a combination of Mumble, Dropbox, and browser based dice rolling programs:

Initially, the group used this site, for its simplicity:

Dice Roller

Recently, the group has switched to a different system:

Online Dice Roller

Catch up on the recent events by reading the Session Notes in the Adventure Log section

Trashed Vampires